Showing off with python

2:57AM on a Monday. I have to be up at 8AM. The faster I get the job done the more sleep I get. Sounds like the kind of thing to motivate a person.

TASK: Parse an access.log file and produce page visit trace for each visitor. Ex: on Monday at 3pm   (Montreal, Firefox 4, on Mac OS X):
  /contents          (stayed for 3 secs)
  /derivatives       (stayed for 2m20sec)
  /contents          (6 secs)
  /derivative_rules  (1min)
  /derivative_formulas  (2min)

I had already found some access.log parsing code,  and setup a processing pipeline from last time I wanted to work on this. Here is what we have so far.

3:45AM. Here is the plan. All the log entries are in a list called entries, which I will now sort and split by IP.

4:15AM. Done. Though I have to cleanup the output some more.

Available on

We are proud to announce that the Concise MATH & PHYSICS Minireference is now available on the book store. After five years of low intensity work and two years of high intensity work, the book has reached a sufficiently quality in the writing, content and narrative flow so that we are ready to show it to the world.

Freshman-level math and physics in 300 pages.

We at Minireference Co. are here to fix the textbook industry.

December launch

I have been promoting and selling the book for the past two weeks art McGill and I have received a lot of good feedback from students. There is no point in thinking about business ideas — you have to go out and talk to clients. In just two weeks, I now have a title (thanks to my friend Adriano), a product line (I made a mechanics only version too) and a good idea of which pitches work and which do not.


NO BULLSHIT guide to MATH & PHYSICS. In just 300 pages, this book covers Precalculus, Mechanics, Calculus I (derivatives) and Calculus II (integrals). All the material is explained in a clear conversational tone. 100% Math and Physics, No filler.

We sold out today. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.