This blog tells the story behind Minireference Co.‘s content, business, and technology efforts. We’re a small publisher with a focus on math and science textbooks. We’re on a mission to take over the textbook publishing industry by making high-quality textbooks affordable for everyone.

The following categories contain blog posts of general interest:

Other blog posts consist more of announcements and business related posts. The company-related categories are:

  • Business and marketing:  thoughts and observations about the publishing industry.
  • Product and releases: general company announcements and PR.
  • Metrics: we’re a data driven company. We try to measure everything and listen to our reader’s feedback. This is how we do things.

Disclaimer: All our books are professionally edited and polished for years before they go into production. In contrast, the blog posts we post here are less polished and may contain inelegant wordings and typos. It’s all uncut and unedited stuff. Just saying, don’t judge our books quality be the quality of the blog posts.