Survive the exams special

I know many students are currently worried about their upcoming CALCULUS and MECHANICS exams. Are you one of them? If so, don’t worry. Chill. Forget about reading your thick textbooks–I have a better option for you! I wrote a math textbook based on 15 years of tutoring experience.


    1. Review of math basics (equations, functions, geometry)
    2. Differential calculus ($\lim$, $f'(x)$, $\max/\min$)
    3. Integral calculus ($\int f(x)dx$, $\sum_i a_i$)
    4. Mechanics ($\vec{F}=m\vec{a}$, $a(t)=x”(t)$, $\vec{p}=m\vec{v}$, $\sum E_i= \sum E_f$, $x(t)=A\sin(\omega t+\phi)$ )

All this in a tiny book you can read in a week. Available in PDF or in print. Checkout the preview and the free tutorials[2,3,4]. has a crazy special on print books this weekend. You can order the No bullshit guide to math and physics for just $19 using coupon code WQT32 (expires Dec 3rd). I’ve also decreased the price of the PDF on gumroad to match the print price.

Trust me on this one, this will be the best twenty bucks you ever spent on your science education.