There is an interesting talk about who controls computers via HN.

At around 51:30, there is an off-topic question from the audience, which leads to an great answer:

Q: What can you say about making a living writing things. Will you advise it?

A: If you want to make a living writing things I would advise you to stop trying, because that is a bit like saying “I want to make a living buying lottery tickets”. Sounds like a If you don’t have a plan B for earning a living, you have the wrong career. Writing is a very very high-risk entrepreneurial venture that almost everyone who tries it fails at. Some people have succeeded using CC and some fraction without using CC, but they are rounding errors against all the people who try to earn a living with writing.

Ouch! I guess he is talking specifically about writing fiction. Textbooks are OK. I mean somebody has to teach people science. So I will keep going despite this advice.

▷▷   M A T H

I am thinking of de-emphasizing  the “minireference” brand for the upcoming release. It just doesn’t tell that the product is an actual textbook-level coverage. Maybe we could have TUTORIALS in the title? “MATH and PHYSICS textbook”. Ok back to work now. 4 days left till launch.

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