Early this morning, my facebook advertisement campaign of the wall post containing the word “bullshit” was approved and went live.  A total of 8684  people were shown the post in their news feed thanks to this “Page Post Engagement” campaign.

Metrics: The measurable results of 8.6k impressions are 44 Website Clicks (mostly the link to gumroad), 33 Post Likes, and 23 Page Likes. Over at the analytics panel at gumroad I see 7 visits from m.facebook.com and 23 visits from facebook.com.

Conversions:  Perhaps most importantly, none of these visits converted to any sales. 🙁   Though to be realistic, perhaps I’m expecting some of these visits to convert tomorrow or after tomorrow. I’m imagining the visitors downloaded the preview PDF and will check it tonight and tomorrow and those that like what they see will come back to purchase.

I’m thinking now the ad copy wasn’t the best. Perhaps students who read the post are not ready to be sold to yet and I’m sending them to gumroad too soon… I should probably make a proper landing page with the “get this book, read it, ace the finals” pitch front and center.

I was very optimistic about this campaign because I chose my target audience to be “college students graduating in 2017” which means they are in first year right now, which is exactly my target audience.

Costs analysis  The total cost of this campaign for today was $25. I would have to make 1.25 sales/day to break even with this approach, which, with some ad copy tweaking, should be possible. At least I got lots of likes on my page now. I still can’t get over how funny (or sad?) it is that I’m paying to be liked. Here is modernity for you: you pay to be liked.

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