I have to add a question mark there. The book, well the book is not finished. I could get through the corrections in a couple of days, plus one day to finish up linear algebra. It is possible to do some kind of book launch. Let’s not do a half-assed launch though, and print a book with typos and mistakes in it. I have to do something with the resource that is September and the start of classes. I owe it to my company and to myself to test the hypothesis that mathematics and physics can be taught well in just 400 pages.

So what do we do with the next four days then?

  1. Flyer. Math lesson + physics lesson + pitch: “come preview the book for free on minireference.com”.
  2. Doku-wiki website. (must setup nginx rewrite rules + nice-up the homepage)

This is all I have time for. We are basically going to redo the launch from November 2011, but focus on the web aspect. By analyzing doku-wiki’s access logs I will be able to see whether there is engagement with the audience.

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