As of changeset 135:2b29bc006dbb in the minireference repository, we have a 70% finished book. Still lacking are certain sections in E&M and Linear Algebra. After today’s reading of some of the Mechanics material, it makes me think that another pass might be necessary there too, in order to really give good explanations.

The text is the problem right now though. I would say that the main thing separating me from the v3.0 release on September 1st is the lack of figures and exercises. A figure is worth a thousand words, and so I think I really need to work on that (TikZ? scanned drawings?). As for exercises, it goes without saying that half of the learning happens while solving exercises so it would be a shame not to have exercises.

There are just about 23 days left before September 1st though. How are we going to do that?
Magic. Magic my friends. We are going to use magic, the skill I learned back in my Electrical Engineering days when I was able to put away n exams and m assignments in one week. Three weeks is a lot of time.

Let’s have a draft ready by the end of the week, then focus on proofreading and inventing fun exercises.

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