I just received news from York University that the book sold out and they need replenishment. The McGill bookstore already sold out twice and I had to replenish their supplies. So in-store sales are working. I’m counting this as validation. Now let’s scale things!

I’ll have to equip the website with a “order a box of 10” option and make a deal with a fulfillment centre so they will take care of the shipping for me. How do I get into WorldCat? Who will print the book in large quantities (Lightning Source?).

I’ve been busy working so much on the Linear Algebra book and preparing exercises that I lost track of the business side of things. I’m going to finish up LA, because it is so close to being done, but I’m vetoing any work on the Electricity and Magnetism title—we’ll pick that up in October and it will be ready for January 2015.

Okay Ivansky. Put on the business hat and get things done!

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