I’ve been working on the problem sets for the linear algebra book non-stop for the past month. It’s a lot of work, but also very rewarding. I’m going through online resources and looking for inspiration by reading exams and books to find illustrative exercises and challenging problems. This leads to a lot of  learning and reviewing of ideas along the way…

Finalizing 50 pages of problems and solutions is not an easy task, luckily I have good coffee to temporarily boost me, and more importantly access to the SymPy live shell. In combination with TeXShop, writing up more than one solution per hour becomes possible.  Check this screenshot if you want to see the author at work . Using bit.ly as a URL shortener, you can put an entire problem solution as a URL: http://bit.ly/distxrcis.

So far I am yet to find a useful linear algebra problem that I haven’t covered in the book. I’m pretty happy about this because when writing a textbook from scratch you never know what topics you might miss. I’m only using the formulas from the book, and able to handle most problem types… Linear algebra? we got you covered!

Call for student assistance: are you taking a linear algebra class this term? Do you want to solve all the exercises and problems in the book as “extra practice” for your final exam? Get in touch with me ASAP (my_first_name at minireference dot com), and I’ll send you the PDF of the entire problem sets. It might take you up to a week to go through all of them, but by the end of it you’ll be able to handle even the toughest  linear algebra final.

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