My friend and former student David Ancor came up with this ingenious strategy for promoting his startup ( post promotional stickers on lamp posts in public places.

I like this because it is a fairly un-advertised space so people haven’t gotten used to it. In particular, I like the fact that I can place the stickers specifically near the McGill residences to target specifically first-year students. I’ve previously wrote this about the main challenge faced by Minireference Co. right now—reaching my target audience of freshman students.

So here is what I’ll be posting:

I decided not to go for a URL because I think showing the full domain is cleaner. It would be nicer to “test” the effectiveness of this strategy, and A/B test different designs, but I find showing the real destination is a respectable towards people.

Also, if you have any ideas about what I should use as the pitch. If you’re a freshman or a freshwoman, what would line of text would convince you to check out this book?

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